Pre and Post-Operative Care

During the preoperative period, specialized medical care is required during each phase of treatment. For nurses to offer effective and competent care, they have to know the complete preoperative experience for the patient.

Preoperative refers to the three phases of surgery.
  • Preoperative Stage
  • Intra-operative Stage
  • Postoperative Stage

Within these stages there are many various roles for nurses and different care needed for the patient hooked in to which stage they’re in.

As with any medical care , the goal during these stages is to supply holistic and evidence based care also as support to the individual.

Post-Operative Rehabilitation

In order to research and treat many injuries and illnesses, surgery may be a necessary solution. After undergoing operation , physiotherapy is required to assist speed up the recovery and healing process. This therapy post-surgery is understood and Post-Operative Rehabilitation. Establishing muscle strength, joint motion, full joint movement and restoring full body strength and functionality are important variants of this significant process of Post-Operative Rehabilitation. Post-surgery or post-operative rehabilitation can last from one month to a year or longer counting on the surgery that the patient has undergone.

Benefits of Post-Operative Rehabilitation
  • Helps with circulation after surgery, preventing blood clots.
  • Improves flexibility and range of motion
  • Strengthens the core
  • Posture, balance, and coordination improvement
  • Self-care training
  • Pain control and management
  • Reduced risk for post-operative pulmonary complications (PCCs).

Any patient’s successful rehabilitation post-surgery depends on the teamwork of the patient and therefore the rehabilitation team. At Experts Physio, our team is committed to having the experience and knowledge to supply a successful post-surgical rehabilitation experience and to urge the patient’s life back to recovery track with the simplest possible care.